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KENT Group have internal training and external training, these offer chances for our team member to enrich knowledge

and develop business capabilities,not only for work but also for personal accomplishments.


    Providing customers with the best service as far as possible.

    The company encourages, to the extent that it can, employees to try their best to provide customers with the best service. Customers will be loyal to the company only when the products and service can satisfy them continuously. Kent employees should know who your customer is, and also know who should serve you inside the company. Furthermore, the employees should know customers’ both present and future demand, try their best to provide maintenance service, and guide customers to use the company’s products and service.


    Individual respect: the company will set the development plan for every individual according to their own talents, capability and character so that every employee can make the most efficient achievements at the position which they are best at and where their advantages can be fully applied, and can realize their personal growth and values to the full. The company arranges various trainings required for the employees so that their strengths can be fully developed in their position under their responsibility.

    Every employee in the company should respect every colleague, every customer and every individual person they contact.


    The whole company and every individual set objectives to challenge, compete and pursue for the better performance as possible as they can.

    The whole company and every individual should never stop learning, and never stop embracing market changes, never stop innovation, never stop pursuing for the excellence, in order to remain in a dedicated leading position.

We are serious people



In order to pursue excellent reputation and sustainable operation, enterprises need not only professional technology, high-quality products and successful marketing model, but also deep roots in their professional fields, and improve and innovate in product, technology, marketing, management and other aspects at any time, so as to continuously strive for greater stage space.


Competition is the essence of an enterprise.Can not retreat, is the persistence of the enterprise.Therefore, in addition to the pursuit of stable management, kenda is more aware that continuous progress, continuous growth is the direction of our efforts.In the future, kenda will adhere to the principle of “using science and technology, continuous innovation, deeply rooted, stable growth”, and continue to develop products more in line with consumer needs, so that kenda enterprises get more customer recognition and trust.


The 21st century today, the rapid in the pulse of the world, if don’t change, enterprises will face elimination, therefore, Ken enterprises are actively improve staff quality, cultivating professional management personnel and technical personnel, make plan and perform the competitive can complement each other, hope in the near future, all our efforts, can be of great contributions to the building materials industry upgrading, and make a Kentucky on international brand image of the enterprise




Focusing on wooden doors for more than 20 years


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