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How to paint a steel door best?

I want to paint my front steel door, there are some rectangular inserts.

So I am wondering whether a roller or a brush or something else would be helpful for the smoothest solution.

Yes, the door is alerady painted white.Do I still need a primer? Do I still need metal paint?

Would spray-paint (in a can) work?
I’m kind of looking for an easy way out…


You will need 4 things:
Color matched metal Primer (Home Depot) [choose a color close to the final color you intend white->white brown->black]
Painters Tape (HD) [before starting tape out anything you dont want painted, do not rely on your steady hands, it will look something awful]
Metal Paint (Paint Store) [home depot will have general exterior paint but this is designed to soak into wood, its not exactly what you need, although over a primed surface it will sorta work.
Paint Sprayer or Roller and touch up brush (HD) (if you roll the paint on you will need 3 careful applicantions, if you spray it on 2, but then a sprayer will set you back $150, hand painting is also an option, use 3 thin layers and you will achieve an even coat that look very proffesional)

Its already painted…?

You need to asses the quality of the paint job. if it is peeling and has rust on it then you need to strip the paint first using something like a kerosene based paint remover. If it is not and the paint looks fine and you want to change colors, well go ahead and paint it using the method above without the primer.

Will Spray Pain work?
Yeah, spray paint will work, go to and pick out a metal enamel and use that. I do not recomend using the outdoor paint they have. No matter what you do it will not look good. Spraypaint is not the right stuff for a job that is a front door to a house, but if you dont care what your house looks like, go ahead spray paint away, use 3 thin applications for a “fresh off the Honda Civic garage” look.

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